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On my Inner Roadtrip I recently discovered something very interesting. I knew that we have a conscious and a subconscious mind.

But what I didn’t know is that until about the age of seven we are mostly ónly subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does little to none filtering and correcting. It takes everything in like a sponge and will believe everything you tell it. It can’t make a distinction between right or wrong, true or false. This is why young children will believe everything we tell them. It isn’t until we are about seven years old that our analytical mind begins to form, which allows us to make interpretations and conclusions. At the same time, our inner world of imagination tends to feel just as real as the outside world.

We have one foot in each world. That is why, as kids, we like role play so much. As kids we can play pretend for hours. As a kid, I did. Endlessly.

Until we are about seven years old everything we see or hear goes straight into the subconscious mind and comes together in the form of a (limiting) belief. And those beliefs are what determines our behavior and our way of interpreting reality as adults.

Can you imagine?! That means that I am running my business with my seven year old self as the CEO of my company!

95% of our behavior today is coming from subconscious mind, 95% is coming from the invisible programming that was installed in us up until the age of seven.


This episode is about raising & re-educating your Subconscious Self. And how I reconnected with my Subconscious Mind better known as my Younger Self, A.K.A. Charlie. to be more conscious about the subconscious.


I’ll talk you through it in this episode, so you can connect with Your Younger Self too.

This exercise has helped me tremendously, in a fun and easy way.

I also share with you why you can read all the self help books in the world that you can get your hands on and still not make a difference in your behavior. No matter how inspiring. And why this exercise is so helpful, easy and playful and cán make that change that you long for, strive for even.

So, stop putting so much pressure on your conscious mind to change your life and have a playdate instead.

You can listen to this episode here and find out why I made Charlie visual in my book as a Chinese Diary and what Charlie’s Angels have got to do with it.

Last episode was all about meeting your Future Self. Be sure to listen to that too, if you haven’t yet, because, to me, that is what Me, Myself and I is. Whole & Complete.



P.S. For my Dutch Joyriders, keep an eye on your virtual doormat. I will drop you a recording of a Magical Manifesting Motel Masterclass that we had at the motel the other day, to go even deeper into the subconscious mind. In Dutch, as a THANK YOU GIFT for keep following my Joyride to Freedom, while I foloow the signs that got me to transition from Dutch to English.

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