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Hi there Joyrider,

I’m back from a month being in Bali!

I must have crossed some boarders along the way. Not just literally  but also the boarders along my Joyride to Freedom because all of a sudden the language has changed. Not for me, because my Inner Guidance  has always spoken in English to me, but I’ve been translating it to Dutch for you, because, you know, I’m from Holland, and who do I think I am, and ‘doe maar normaal dan doe je al gek genoeg’  But.

My Future Self has bigger plans for me.

Besides. My whole experiment is about following my Inner Guidance. The whole point of my Inner Roadtrip, and this Joyride to Freedom, is to see what happens if I dare to follow up on my INSIDE JOB.

So here I am, yet again, changing lanes and shifting gears.

In this episode I share with you Kathrin Zenkina’s 3 Step Process to Manifesting. Kathrin is better known as Manifestation Babe. I was one of the 12 Bali Babes on her Manifesting Retreat in Seminyak, where she taught us al she knows (and lives) about manifesting a life wilder than your wildest dreams.

This 3 step process is the process she talked about in her interview with James Wedmore on his Mind Your Business Podcast that led me to Kathrin in the first place. You can listen to that episode here

I started following Kathrin when I found out that she had done the exact same experiment as I had just embarked upon. To follow the universal laws for a year and really trust and believe that the Law of Attraction works. For one year she would learn things, apply it and teach what works. This is what I do too. I learn it, apply it, write & draw about it in my Illustrated Documentary and than teach it in my Magical Manifesting Motel (Dutch) and the Wild & Free Society Podcast (since#46 in English) and drop them as Notes from the Road on the virtual doormats of my subscribers.

I started applying Kathrin’s 3 step process after the podcast with James and it really works. It doesn’t just work, it is an amazingly fun process to do. In Bali we’ve expanded on this idea and that has given me even more clarity and direction.

This episode is all about her 3 step process and how I apply it to my Joyride to Freedom experiment.

I share with you how Kathrin’s process relates to the way I drive to my destination on my Inner Roadtrip. I talk about my Future Self, who she is, what she looks like, what she does, and where she is at. Why she inspires me WILDLY and ENDLESSLY, how I can Be Her Now and how this could work for you too.

It is also a tiny tribute and shout out to Kathrin, her husband (Uncle Universe), her team (an inspiration) and the other Bali Babes. It has taught me so much more than manifesting alone. It has given me permission to take the road less travelled by once again. To start over one more time. From committing Social Suïcide, to pulling the plug from my business (model),  to closing up shop on my website and drive to Paris to Live the WRITERS Life and do ‘the Hemingway’, to deleting my big email-list and start a new one, to starting yet all over again by changing from Dutch to English.

I totally get why the Universe doesn’t give us all the steps at once. I would never have done it all in one fell swoop, but the unravelling is quite an exciting adventure. I can FEEL how far I’ve come, because I feel Divinely Detached from the outcome. I feel like there truly is nothing to lose. The acting upon the Inner Guidance is so satisfying in and by itself and the Life I already HAVE is so cool as it is already.

This podcast is also small tribute to my team, especially Chris, who initiated the change, my B-school Backstagers and my Magical Manifesting Motel Guests who are all rooting for my rise, they can’t wait to see what this will bring me. And neither can I.

So. Thank you so much for tuning in today. I, in my turn, root for YOUR rise. May you follow your Joyride to Freedom and my hope is that Kathrin’s 3 step process will help you get there the same way it has helped me define mine.

I have created a Mini Manifesting Manual as a travel companion for this podcast. An Easy Rider’s RoadMap to Manifesting.












Click here to download it now!

It truly is way easier than you might think. And trust that Kathrin’s Experiment Mantra can do wonders for us too:

My success is inevitable and I’m alway’s on the right path.

Go your OWN way.



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