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Ooops, Joyrider, I did it again… (and no that is not the song for this Episode of the Joyride To Freedom Podcast Playlist, but could easily have been…

The song to this episode is:

‘I’m So Excited’ by the Pointer Sisters.

And I am Excited!

Thrilled even!

Over the moon!

But still. I did it again.

Because I’m so excited I did it again…!

I let myself get carried away by my Excitement & Enthusiasm.

It has happened to me a LOT during my Wild & Free Society years. I can get excited about anything creative, anything fun, anything cool. I can create stuff out of thin air and make something out of nothing and it is one of my BIGGEST JOYS.

That’s why.

I did it again.

Getting so excited that I start to share it straight away and getting others excited too, wanting to create space to create together instead of.. DOING it myself.

Because of technical problems I couldn’t create the space I promised to create. But I trust that the Universe works FOR me and not AGAINST me. And indeed it did.

In this episode I share with you why Excitement & Enthusiasm are super fuel bút something to be mindful of too. It is a frantic kind of energy which will run you dry way faster, and can make you lose your way pretty easily. Like what happened to me this week.

Your JOYRIDE is more of a steady hum. It’s best to be riding your Joy on Cruise Control.

The excitement and tremendous clarity  I feel because of Christine Kloser’s  Get Your Book Done Program ( has left me jumping up and down and fueled me with all sorts of ideas that I could do to go through it with others. All really good and cool ideas, but…


It is okay to just be the lead and not the leader sometimes. 

And even though I want to keep WRITING myself, I don’t want to  KEEP it to myself.

So if you want to do the Book Breakthrough Quest as well, you can still go HERE.  You’ll also find Christine’s book ‘the Transformation Quadrant’ for free when you sign up. That’s the book, that gave me só much clarity within 15 minutes. The 4 letter test did that for me.


If you want to dive straight in the Get Your Book Done Program like I did, you can go HERE. (

Whatever you do,

Ride On and Write ON!


P.S. It was the answer to the Debra Poneman’s question:

‘What would your life look like if you really don’t care what other people thought?’ That made me realize that I was my Default Smaller Self thinking that I had to give MORE VALUE.

So what would your life look like if you really don’t care what other people thought?

And much more on the Inside Job on this episode.

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P.P.S. What is even more amazing about NOT creating all kinds of extra Creative Safe Spaces is that one of my Joyriders, Hanneke now shared her work in Christine’s  Big FB Group and was só excited that so many people, who she doesn’t know, had commented and liked her post and the fact that Christine LOVED her illustration has left her glowing with pride for day’s!


You give value ENOUGH by just SHARING what you LOVE!

Godspeed. XXX


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