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In this episode I share with you my MAJOR OMG’s, AHA’s & EUREKA’s I am having now that we are diving into Human Design in Kathrin Zenkina’s Manifestation Babe Academy. My my mind is truly blown.

I don’t even know where to start to tell you what this episode is all about, but let’s start by saying that yes, the Universal Laws are universal, but we, the people, are not. We all have a UNIQUE DESIGN to connect to the Universe, to the quantumfield.

I found out that my Human Design is a ‘sounding board, mental projector’. Turns out that this specific combination is pretty rare and only 2 to 3% of the population is designed this way.

In this episode I share with you what deep insights this has given me, and how I truly gót that so many things out there just don’t work for me. That I am going against my own design by trying to do it, let say, the generators way.

It hit me the same way that multiple intelligences hit me years ago when I was studying to be a teacher. Oh, nów I get it! If I know what your learning style is, what your most advanced intelligence is, I know exactly hów to teach you what you want to learn!

Now that I start to understand a little bit about Human Design I got this in a way bigger way. This is why so many of us are doing all the right things, the right steps, and take the right actions, but not for them…!!

We learn from those who teach manifestation from THEIR design. But if that is not (Y)OUR design, it just cán’t work! And because most of what we see, we see from the ones that thrive online. Who love to be out there, who are DESIGNED to work hard, who have their own motors running and energy for days. But I for one have not.

I am also learning about specific manifestors and non specific manifestors, and about passive or active manifestation. This gives me so much information! Not just about my own way of manifesting but also about what and how I teach.

For the first time in a long while I have a book out again. In Dutch. ‘ Pockets vól met JOY, een 28 daags experiment met de wet van aantrekking’:

The downside of writing books is that it is in print. It is written and there is nothing I can do about it anymore. So I can’t add all of these new insights. HOWEVER.. the wonderful thing is that I can link any video or audio behind the pages with the appaview app that comes with it! So in a way I can course correct, because it is álso a course. I am so grateful for that, because there is just so much that I can help you with to actually manifest in YOUR UNIQUE WAY! And JOY is a UNIVERSAL FREQUENCY, but you have a personal taste for JOY.
In this episode I tell you what I would have written differently and about so much more. Have a listen, and see what comes up for you.

And please dó share it on social. If we want to make manifesting available for áll human design types, we need to make sure that they know it IS possible THEIR way too!

And please dó leave a review on iTunes so others can find it more easily and read that there is way to manifest without hustle in their own unique style.

Thank you so much for being my sounding board!



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