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Well Hi there.

It has been ages since I’ve recorded a podcast last, but I just had to hop on.

This episode is about how I’ve realized that éverything that really matters to me, I haven’t manifested myself. It has manifested me…!

I tell you all about it in this episode. It is very well possible that you are trying to make things work, and are trying to manifest everything and anything, and are searching for your purpose, but by doing so are totally missing what wants to be manifested to you and through you…!

It was a huge AHA moment for me, after I’ve done my own 28 day experiment with Pockets full of JOY (my Dutch new book/experiment ‘Pockets vól met JOY, een 28-daags experiment met de Wet van Aantrekking’):

Once you start working with the law of Attraction, changes are that you are going for the things that aren’t going to make you happy, or that you embark on a quest to get everything on your vision board. But if you make JOY your only JOB, you will manifest things that you wouldn’t even KNOW to put on your vision boards.

This episode is about all the things that have manifested me and that I had nothing to do with to ‘make it happen’.

‘And it was at that age, poetry arrived in search of me’ ~Pablo Neruda.

Stop searching. What you TRULY want is searching YOU!



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