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Well, what do you know..! Could it be true, that I’m not only back on Social Media, (LinkedIn  and Instagram: ), ánd that I have recorded a Podcast Episode while I said that my last episode was the lást episode?!


One of the things of following your inner guidance is that you actually follow it. We are prone to hold ourselves back, because we already said something about it, usually the opposite of what we are now doing.

Don’t hold it against yourself.

Change your mind. It’s yours!

I am indeed changing lanes again, following my own GPS (my Grand Purpose System) and back online, rooted in my bigger mission, knowing that it is (no longer) about me.

Choose again. Alicia Key’s wears make-up again. That’s how we grow.

Anyway. The reason for this episode is that I came across the same old, same old stories about visibility when I hooked up with LinkedIn connections.

I made a post (  saying that I thought it’ s not the visibility that we fear but rather the invisibility.

I think that the real fear is that when we make ourselves visible, we will be invisible and nobody will ‘see it’ or respond to it. And thát fear, of course, as it is the law, is what makes the fear real and will get you the sound of crickets on your vulnerable visibility.

This episode is about that it is not really about you visibility but rather your feel-ability and your think-ability.

In this episode I share with you where we go wrong in our thinking and how to easily create a better way and how you can separate your visibility from your social media.

We’ll unbox the myth of visibility to make way for miracles instead.

I’ll discus what out of the box thinking really is.

I’ll tell you what the ONE job is that the Law of Attraction has. And it is the only thing it can do for you. So it’s up to you to have it work fór you or against you.

I’ll show you that when you separate visibility from your social media, you open up to INFINITE possibilities.

This tool that works for visibility, works for everything else in your life too.

How you can pass it on to the next generation.

How you can help teens break the law.

I’ll give you the one mantra that works for me and that I apply to EVERYTHING.

And I’ll show you that the simplest, a ridiculously simple tool even, can make your life and that of others suddenly só easy. it is something you use on a daily basis, and if nobody had told you to do it, you’d still be struggling to this day.

And that is why you do indeed need to share your tips & trics for this wonderful life of ours, but social media is NOT the only way to make it visible for you.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and  TikTok are NOT the Source of your visibility. It’s just one stream The Universe is the Source, and I’ll share with you how to tap into that source.

Thank you só much for listening and please share it with your friends if it helps you to think out of that one box I’m talking about.

Inwards, thén onwards!


P.S. around minute 8 you’ll hear me react in AWE of a MIRACLE IN ACTION!

P.P.S. I would love it if you’ll link with me on LinkedIn! You can find me here:

P.P.S. WAIT WHAT?! Last night, so after recorded this episode I created an Instagram Account as well. I am curious to see about IGTV and where this next step for my BIGGER MISSION will take me. Will you join me? You can find me here:

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