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Lou here, with a little note from the road. I am on my way back from Phoenix Arizona to Los Angeles, California after a 2 day event with Ali Brown. Although that is a very high end event, I am traveling by.. GREYHOUND!

I’ve left you a voice message of my Greyhound bustrip to Phoenix and the first day of the event about why I sooo love to take the Greyhound and how I am growing more and more into an and/and state of mind. And business class ánd the Greyhound. That last part is essential for me as a writer and an artist. A little unconventional maybe when the dreams of other Law of Attraction teachers and students may include private jets but it keeps me connected to my HEART’S DESIRES.

This is what this podcast is about. How to stay true to YOU and your TRUE DESIRES in the Manifesting Madness.

You wíll be triggered. Only all the time. Me too. To be in a room full of 75 amazingly smart women, who are taking the world by storm it is easy to be blown away and think that what you are doing is insignificant and not enough.

Just keep coming back to the three steps.

1. Focus.
2. SEARCH for the GOOD only.
3. Zip all the negative thinking and worrying and zap it back to step 1 and 2.

For me an event like this is the perfect opportunity to PRACTICE and to question my beliefs.

That is all you really need to do. Practice.

Choose again, choose again, choose again.

When you make sure you are following your HEART’S DESIRES, and not your HEAD’S DESIRES you can’t go wrong. Every time your head starts to take over, zip it, and zap back to the heart.

Just after I recorded this voice message for you, Cindy Eckert came to speak at our event. She just sold her pharmaceutical company for 1 billion dollars. She busted through MY BELIEFS about rich people ánd the medical world being greedy and selfish. She is a lighthouse! And I loved how she still drives the same car, still lives in the same house and still wears the same clothes.

That is all I needed to zip any prejudice and zap back to number 1 and number 2.
Google her. Your mind will be blown. And we were in the room with her.

And she was in a room with me. An Artist. A Writer who loves to break down big ideas into bitesize brilliance for your brain. If you look at it that way, we are both in the pharmaceutical business. She created the Pink Pill that changed tremendous amount of lives. I am creating Paper Pills that make you feel like a billion bucks! At least, I do. The same way this cheap Greyhound bus does.

Go figure.

Listen up here and I’ll fill you in later about the rest.

Inwards, thén onwards!


P.S. What this episode is really about is that JOY is indeed enough. My flight over to LA was total proof for me. I’ll tell you about it over here.

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