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It has been a while since I sent you a voice message. I was all in creation mode and still driving with my Gas Cap on. But today I felt a longing to talk to you.

Finally, it’s happened to me. (guess what song is the lead jingle for this episode 😉 ) and I wanted to share it with you, so you can have it happen too!

I have distilled 3 steps to manifesting anything your HEART desires. Turns out I have been trying to manifest everything my HEAD desired. Those are not real desires..

These 3 steps are the basis for my new project. The Million Dollar Idea that I talked about in the last podcast episode I did, but didn’t want to share yet. In this episode I do spill the beans ánd the means. It is also the reason why the podcast is now called the: IN THE POCKET PODCAST.

I have considered creating a new channel for the  new project but it felt more honest to just keep changing and growing in plain sight. I think it is good to be able to follow growth, getting of the path and back on. So for now the Wild & Free Society Podcast, turned Joyride to Freedom Podcast, turns into the IN THE POCKET PODCAST.

In Dutch ‘in the pocket’ means that you have it under your belt. that you’ve gót it, that you own it. It has come forth from my own need to not overwhelm myself with all the manifesting tools out there. I became a seeker much more than a finder, I understood everything only as a concept because I was speed reading through the books and was already back at my dealer for the next (NY Times #1) hit before I actually did the assignments in the book..

I binged on reading, listening and learning. Always more more more input input input. Podcasts, books, courses, more more more. a total O.D. of a  ‘spirit junkie’

But manifesting is something you FEEL. If I felt anything it was… OVERWHELM, Anxiety, frustration.

My new project is born completely out of my own need to have ONE subject and/ or idea in the pocket first before I COULD go to the next. One chapter, one thing at a time.
Implement it and only then move on.

So if you can relate, this podcast is a great listen.

I share the 3 steps to manifesting ANYTHING, but you have to…


I also share a little lesson I am doing right now, consistently, with GREAT results that MOVES me daily.

And I talk about who I am REALLY here for when I follow my HEARTS desire and not my HEAD’S desire.

If you are Dutch, you are more than welcome to join the IN THE POCKET CLUB. It’s priceless. I go LIVE 3 times a month for completely free. I share the lesson of scarcity I learned this month after depriving myself of giving MORE just because it is for FREE. Business advice is so often totally LOST ON ME, because it is just not who I want to BE. You can sign up easily here:


If you have the time and FEEL like it, hit play and put me in your pocket!

Inwards, thén onwards!



P.S. Make sure to listen to the encore about who I’m for, I might have accidentally excluded you, even though I adore you!

And if I’ve stil left you out, tell me who you are and what you do, I’d love to be there for you too.

You’ll know if I am for you, or not, when you hear who I’m NOT for.

Ik ben de vloeiende lijn van mijn pen achterna op zoek naar FREEDOM & JOY. Wil je mee? Sign Up dan zal ik je verborgen aanwijzingen en mijn avonturen sturen.

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