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My dearest Podcast Posse,

It’s been a while since we last ‘spoke’, and that has EVERYTHING to do with this episode.

I have been practicing driving with my gas cap on, and I’ve got to tell you, silence is GOLDEN indeed.

But today I am hopping on to the World Wild Web, because… My One Year Experiment is in the Pocket!

It has officially ended last Sunday, September 1st. And just 2 day’s before the finish line, the Million Dollar Idea came to me.

The evening before my epiphany I had a 1:1 coaching session with Christine. In this episode I tell you how it came to be that she replied to me after I emailed her my AHA:

‘I knew we were on to something yesterday, but this is BRILLIANT, I LOVE IT!’

Further more:

This episode is all about Zipping It. I had not shared the brewing of my idea, that only just turned into a million dollar idea a few day’s ago, with anyone,except for my husband Pascal, my Sister Tika and my writing coach Christine Kloser.

I hadn’t shared it with my kids, and I hadn’t even shared it with Janet Attwood and Debra Poneman while I was with them in Ojai, who are two very influential Manifesting Queens of the original teachings of the LOA and have connections with TOUT TOP NOTCH MANIFESTING MOGULS. Hell, I  haven’t even shared it with BYRON KATIE, who came to visit us in Ojai where we talked desires over coffee.

Once you start driving with your gas cap on, you just want to keep that powerful fuel for yourself and your creation.

It is the biggest take away from my experiment I’d say.

So Zip it!


That said, on September 1st, like I did a year ago, I drove to Paris, to LIVE the WRITERS LIFE and follow my JOY & FREEDOM to celebrate my 1 year ‘Experimentversary.’ Under way I stopped to do a Live & Drive, a Mobile Masterclass, with my brand new In The Pocket Book Club (DUTCH). I had invited my Magical Manifesting Motel Members,  my Dutch email list and the Experimentalist of my Lab of Attraction to come together in a Priceless Place, a SAFE PLACE, where I shared my million dollar idea with them. And it was AWESOME! I love my community and the way they are so supportive and open and bring POSITIVE vibes!

In this episode I share the coming together of all the things that led up to the million dollar idea. I share the dots and the dares along the way.

I also share how I started out binging on everything LoA related that I could get my hands on and how that actually does more harm than good. But by doing so, it gave me part of my million dollar idea.

Nothing is ever wasted. The universe works FOR you. ALWAYS.

I share the Comfort of Silence and why it feels so uncomfortable at the beginning, but once you’re in the silence, you can’t get enough of it.

I talk about risking everything. The WILLINGNESS to RISK everything, because when you follow your JOY you CANNOT FAIL. It is impossible. It’s the LAW. Besides you than already have what you are after in the first place. JOY. But the willingness to lose it all is a must.

I tell you what the NASA has got to do with my million dollar idea.

I share with you 2 must see documentaries. And I do mean MUST see, the first one for or all the seekers ánd the teachers out there and the second one for those who want to know what they do with your (social media) data…

And if you speak DUTCH and you would like to be part of the In The Pocket Book Club, you are more than welcome to join:

But please know that by enrolling you sign up for being PART of a POSITIVE POSSE. It is a sacred and safe space. It is for TRUE INTENTIONS ONLY.


It’s the only place where I DO share my new project.

Because the million dollar idea implies that I start all over again. I am back at square 1. That means that it is once again only in 1D form, turning into 2D now that I’m working on it,  but I won’t share anything outside the In The Pocket Book Club until it is at least in 3D form  and thén turn it into 4D onwards.

This is why driving with your gas cap on is so important.

Your desire is between you and the universe. It is a co-creation. If you share it before you have created it in the physical form, you risk losing it. When it has not manifested yet,  don’t talk about it. It will evaporate. Others will share their unsolicited opinion with you planting seeds of doubts and fears into your dream that have no business in your business.

And for all the English listeners, I have no idea with how many you are but please email and write I DO in the subject line if you want to be in the Book Club too. That will let us know if there are enough English speaking listeners who want to be in on it I’ll consider creating an English In The Pocket Book Club as well.

What will happen with this Joyride to Freedom podcast I don’t know. Time will tell, but whatever it will be,




P.S. don’t get tripped up on the term Million Dollar Idea. It is a Million Dollar Idea when your idea makes you FEEL like A MILLION BUCKS!

That’s all. Go with it.



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