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My dearest Joyrider,

Having my children and grandchildren over for a few weeks has taught me a few very valuable lessons.

I hardly got my ‘own’ job done, only to realize that when I OWN my impact everything can be my job. Besides, my only real job is, JOY.

I only get frustrated when I strive for Impressive or Income because those things can not be found in everyday life.

This episode is about knowing your value.

On one day, after a text message from my son in law, I made a choice that led to having impact on ‘only’ two people, instead of working on my ‘masterpiece’ that is supposed to impact thousands of people and bring me fame and fortune.

But the impact that I did have by making that choice was of GREAT VALUE to these two people, who will both have a lot of IMPACT in the world because of MY choice to choose Impact over Impressive and Income.

And it’s not just about the impact on the lives of others, it is also about the Impact on your OWN life.
What does YOUR LIFE look like while you’re busy being Impressive and Important and choosing Income over EVERYTHING?

My life looks like an empty page in the most important book of all the books that I write. My Daily Diary. If I don’t have anything to say but work, work, work at the end of the day, or if I don’t have time to catch this beautiful life that we’re given with some ink and watercolor, than my REAL LIFE is a lie. I can create the most inspiring courses, I can write the most fantastic books, but If my Daily Diary is not filled with good stuff, it is not a good life, it’s a good lie, because it is PROOF that I don’t practice what I teach.


So have a listen and see for yourself if you (can) choose Impact over Impressive and Income.

It might not bring you fame and fortune, but it will bring you JOY and you WILL have a TREMENDOUS IMPACT.

i did. On two people. One little one and one big one. People I mean. But both HUGE impact!

You can listen this episode here.



P.S. For the Dutch Ones, speaking of Impact, in the Magical Manifesting Motel I am hosting a JOYRIDE for YOUNG ONES Masterclass on Wednesday Night July 17 at 19.30. To help our teens to understand the universal laws and their brains better, so they can make better choices, and it will teach you how to help them do that.

It is for Magical Manifesting Motel Members Only but for the price of just one night, you have access to all the Masterclasses and Now this one for YOUNG ONES. And who knows what this will lead up to, because Teaching (about) Young Ones is pure JOYRIDE!


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