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It has been a while since I’ve last left a voicemessage for you, as a Note from the Road.

This one is about why sharing is NOT caring, and why we are driving with our gas cap off most of the time when we share every thought, feeling, insight, aha, experience, joy or where we are or what we do, immediately.

I’ll tell you about Fear riding shotgun when you start to WAIT (Why Am I Talking?) and decide to be still if you realize that it is your ego that wants to share with the World Wild Web all the time.

I’ll tell you why it doesn’t make a difference to have all the money in the World and what you might actually be missing out of.

I’ll tell you about LOVE. And why my husband Pascal and daughter Jipp were both in tears because of it.

I’ll tell you about how you can (start) to let go of the striving and begin to really live a life of riches instead.

This episode is for you if you are tired of striving, of the feeling of having to do all the things to be successful and long, like me, to be, do and have enough.

I hope you’ll listen in and let it in.

It will soothe your tired, striving, mind. Like it does mine.



PS. For my Darling Dutch Joyriders, remember highering the price for a Magical Manifesting Motel Room? That wás Fear riding Shotgun.

The Magical Manifesting Motel Masterclasses are one of my biggest joy’s. I invite you to book a room for the original price and join the Conversation if you’d love to learn how to use manifestation for Real Prosperity: 

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