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This weeks episode is all about a HUGE TRANSFORMATION I am going through right (write!) now, thanks to Christine Kloser’s Get Your Book Done Program. But I didn’t need the program to have a BREAKDOWN first before I had the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH for my Book ánd my Business YET!

And I had almost dropped out of business, thinking it wasn’t something for me after all. But Boy was I wrong.

Turns out I have been WRONG about MANY things. I have held on to ONE STORY in particular that has held me WAY BACK.

I spill it all in this episode.

As part of my Joyride to freedom experiment I have created an Easy Writer Roadmap to Manifesting Miracles, navigated by Christine Kloser, to make it VISIBLE.


And because I no longer hold on to MY STORY I end this episode with an EXPERIMENT for YOU too!

Enjoy this ride to FREEDOM!



P.S. If you want to join the Get Your Book Done Program too, you still can. Till Thursday May 30th, you get some amazing bonuses as well (scroll all the way down to see them) It is by far the best writers program I have ever done especially in combination with business. If you are thinking of writing  a book or starting a business, either way, this is the place to start!

P.P.S. You can find the episode on your Younger Self HERE (where you store the stories that you hang on to so dearly)



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